Okay, I admit it, I am a Clay fan.  [Surprise!]

I have seen the enthusiasm of fans.  Mine included.  But some things still amaze me.

Like Clay’s Delta boarding pass – from his flight home after the tour and left on his seat – showing up on eBay.  As of now, the bidding is up to $152.   With 5 days left.  Oh, this is true, and it is real.


Wanna bid?

Update – this was pulled from eBay yesterday.  The last time I looked, it was up to $177.


5 responses to “Clazy

  1. I heard that Clay Aiken had eBay pull this from auction. The pass didnt disclose any personal information other than his name. It’s unfortunate that celebrities take themselves so seriously and fans that would love to purchase items like this one won’t have that opportunity.

  2. Yeah, SERIOUSLY LAME CLAY! It was just a little fun.

  3. Oh he pulled it? I wondered why that link wasn’t working anymore.

  4. Call me crazy but I do not think you need the quiz to tell you to avoid the “hornivore.”

  5. Lol. I kinda like that word hornivore though.

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