I work, I write, I eat, and I play.  Mostly in that order.

On really good days, I travel far away to a new land, check out an art museum, buy some shoes, or go to a concert. And eat some decadent food [as in – not chicken.]

On really really good days, I complete a screenplay. There have been only 2 of those days. So far.

 And this is where I just – am.



9 responses to “About

  1. Hi,

    Email me when you get a chance.



  2. Hi,

    Did your friend Monique go to Cooper Union? we were very close during college and then drifted apart ater a silly misunderstanding.


  3. Jerry –

    Yes, she did go to Cooper Union.

    We also had a misunderstanding, right after she got married, and I have not heard from her again.

    I think she may have mentioned you, I seem to remember your name.


  4. nice to visit this,,.. but i’m not professional person to be like u,,….

  5. Shakira Cabrera

    I am from Kenton Ridge high school, springfield ohio. i am in the yearbook staff an i found a picture that you created or owned, and was intrested in using it for our divider page in our yearbook, non-profit? is this a problem please let me know.

  6. Shakira, which picture is it?

  7. Shakira Cabrera

    The one created of the animated movie theater. its read, with theater and theater seats. we are going with a theme of the movies, and your picture is perfect to use for our divider page. i just need an okay from you.you can email me at my email address to let me know. 14cabrera.shakira.kr@gmail.com

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