News from Greece

fire.jpgMy friend Sophia from Greece has posted on Kitty’s blog about the fires.

Stay safe and strong, Soph.


11 responses to “News from Greece

  1. Thank you Michele. I’m just so glad I have friends like you guys. I really appreciate it. Thank you very much.

  2. thanks for linking that, Michele.

    maybe we’ll get Sophia to start a blog so you can call a tp party.

  3. Oh Soph – no need to thank me, we are all concerned about you. Nice guest blog!

    You should start your own blog Sophia – so Kitty can twist me into her tp schemes and we can comment about Keanu.

  4. “so Kitty can twist me into her tp schemes ”

    Oh that Michele is so slick.

  5. Have a nice trip Kitty. [No tp’ing your blog while you’re gone, I promise]

  6. Thanks, I have a promise from the ring leader herself. : )

  7. I heard the real remedy for popcorn hull stuck in the throat or gum can be found here, below the fold.

  8. Oh you little….

    no not saying that.

  9. kedUke Thank you for the material. Do you mind if I posted it in her blog, of course, with reference to your site?

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