Same time last year

Last year, at this time, I was anxiously awaiting to see if my screenplay would advance from quarterfinalist to semifinalist in the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards contest.

Two years ago, it reached the top 25%.

I did some rewriting, and last year, it advanced to Quarterfinalist (top 10%).

I was at a dim sum restaurant in San Francisco last year when I ran outside to the courtyard to check the website for the semi-finalist list – the top 25 entries in each genre. Out of around 4,400 scripts entered.

The script did not make that cut.

I did some rewriting.

So, here we are again.

It made the top 25% this year.

It made quarterfinalist this year.

And tomorrow – I find out if it makes semifinalist.



6 responses to “Same time last year

  1. Fingers crossed Michele.

  2. I’m holding my breath for you, Michele… The script is amazing.

  3. D’oh. That last comment was from me.

  4. Thanks Christie! I am rooting for you in Nicholl too!

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