Tacos and ice cream – a mission in the Mission

While in San Francisco recently visiting friends  – I wanted to 1) have some “real” Mexican food, and 2) try the ice cream at Humphry Slocombe.

Both were in the Mission.

We went to La Tacqueria. It looked like a fast food place – you order at the counter, find a table. I ordered 2 carnita asada tacos, with the works – beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole. Medium spicy. An order of chips and salsa and an order of guac to share (there were 3 of us). A Corona. (The 2 guys each ordered 1 burrito and 1 taco.)

The salsa and guac came first. The salsa was fabulous, more like pico de gallo – chopped tomatoes and cilantro and onion. Great flavor, really fresh. The guac was real thick and chunky.

The tacos were the best I have ever eaten. Ever. (And I get around.) The taco is wrapped in 2 soft corn tortillas (it needs 2 to hold all the “stuff” in it). The flavor of the meat and the flavor of the green sauce – superb. I really should have ordered one – I had no idea how big this was going to be. But – I had no problem finishing the second one.  My husband had a pork burrito and a taco – and while he loved the burrito – he loved the taco even more.

We then had to walk it off so we could eat ice cream.

We walked around the Mission, up 24th street to Harrison St. This neighborhood had really colorful murals and art painted on the buildings.

I had read about Humphrey Slocombe in the New York Times Magazine about a month before our planned trip. I do not live in NY. I do not live in SF.

This was ice cream fate.

The thing about Humprhy Slocombe? Is the crazy-innovative flavors. It is ice cream for adults. Adults who can step out of the chocolate, vanilla box, and into —

Peanut Butter Curry. Jesus Juice (red wine and coke sorbet). Secret Breakfast (Jim Beam and cornflakes). Balsamic Caramel. White chocolate lavender. Salt and Pepper. Prosciutto. Sweet corn. Rosemary’s baby (rosemary and pine nuts). Ancho chocolate. Blue Bottle Vietnamese coffee.  Milk chocolate tarragon. Candied ginger. You get the picture. A full flavor list is here. Flavors rotate daily.

Well. We got to Humphry Slocombe, and there was a line down the block – the 10 minute wait gave us time to decide which flavors to try. I read today’s flavors – no Salt and Pepper, ahh! I really, really wanted to try that.

We get up to the counter and see that you can try the flavors you are thinking about – before ordering.

I tried the Thai Chili lime sorbet – too hot for me.  Between the 3 of us, we ordered the Jesus Juice sorbet, and peanut butter curry, sweet corn, Blue Bottle Vietnamese coffee, and Rosemary’s baby ice creams.

Loved them all, but my fave that day was the peanut butter curry.

We had to go back another day, I had to try this salt and pepper ice cream.

We brought our other friend along – now there were 4. That day we tried balsamic caramel, ancho chocolate, burnt butter, secret breakfast, and… salt and pepper. 

It was not  what I imagined it to be – it was sweet, but with sea salt and peppercorns.  It was my fave.


7 responses to “Tacos and ice cream – a mission in the Mission

  1. I can’t even imagine salt and pepper ice cream. Just can’t.

    Best taco I ever had was the first one. I was a little kid and we went on a trip to Mexico near the Texas border and visited this little taco stand. Been chasing the green devil ever since.

  2. I think I would have gone for the “Secret Breakfast”. That one cracked me up!

  3. Old Hebrew Ale? More of a pun than a flavor.

  4. Kitty – the salt and pepper ice cream wasn’t like anything I have tasted before – I thought it would not be sweet – but it was. My first taco was in Mexico too – over the border from El Paso. I was 10 and visiting relatives. All I remember was that it was spicy.

    Glow, we tried the Secret Breakfast, it actually was good, I did not think I would like it. Remember Christopher Park and his Jim Beam?

    Bob, yeah, too bad Old Hebrew Ale was not on the menu when we were there. Not that I would have tried it…

  5. My mouth is watering…

  6. You have no idea how hungry I got when I was writing this…

  7. I always associate great tacos with San Diego, and great frou frou food with San Fran. It’s good to know the mighty latter group gets it right, too.

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