My Missoni Madness

When I heard about the Missoni at Target capsule collection launch set for yesterday, I thought I would stroll into my local Target at some point that day to check it out.

(I have been buying Missoni for years – but never at retail. Century 21 in NYC has a nice Missoni collection where I have gotten sweaters for less than $200 – a Missoni deal.)

Then I heard on CNBC that the Target website crashed and was virtually sold out, and the New York and New Jersey stores all sold out within an hour! Ah!

For the first time I felt happy not to be living in NYC. But I hot-footed it over to Target pronto! So glad I did.

The store was picked over, but there was a lot left. 

The score:

(By the way, nothing was more than $50, although the items are already listed on eBay marked up to over twice the price in some cases)

My fave – the blue dress. It is kind of short, but looked great on. I am just trying to decide – what color tights, plain black or the cool Missoni blue patterned ones I left there …. damn I may need to go back)

missoni blue zig-zag mini dress

Missoni for Target blue zig-zag mini dress

The blue cardigan (not to go with the dress…)

Missoni for Target blue cardigan

The classic cardigan (I almost bought the dress that goes with this but it was too busy with the cardigan)

Missoni for Target zig-zag cardigan

The stretchy black and white tee –

Missoni for Target Black and White Zig-Zag Tee

I was not alone at the store, my husband and mother came along (she bought the tee shirt too) – so then we moved to housewares where we scooped up –

This throw – it is really thick, great quality, and has a black and white pattern on the reverse side. 50 by 60 inches.

Missoni for Target Throw

And 4 bowls and 2 mugs.

Missoni for Target Mugs

A productive 45 minutes.

I may go back to see about those tights. And the towels I forgot to look at.


3 responses to “My Missoni Madness

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  2. I missed the Missoni wave at Target. Damn it! Always missing the good stuff. I am turning over a new blog-reading leaf. I’ve been neglectful too long. See you in the blogosphere!

  3. I have not been blogging enough lately.

    The Missoni stuff was great. A new Target designer partnership goes on sale tomorrow – Jason Wu.

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