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Same time last year

Last year, at this time, I was anxiously awaiting to see if my screenplay would advance from quarterfinalist to semifinalist in the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards contest.

Two years ago, it reached the top 25%.

I did some rewriting, and last year, it advanced to Quarterfinalist (top 10%).

I was at a dim sum restaurant in San Francisco last year when I ran outside to the courtyard to check the website for the semi-finalist list – the top 25 entries in each genre. Out of around 4,400 scripts entered.

The script did not make that cut.

I did some rewriting.

So, here we are again.

It made the top 25% this year.

It made quarterfinalist this year.

And tomorrow – I find out if it makes semifinalist.



The bacon explosion

Here’s a heart-stopping recipe that has taken off in a big way.

Bacon wrapped around pork sausage wrapped around more bacon, in one big roll. Cooked on a smoker, then coated with barbecue sauce.

bacon650_331Photo by Don Ipock for The New York Times

The recipe was created last December by Jason Day and Aaron Chronister, and is posted on their website It is also now in the New York Times.

Youtube had multiple videos of people trying to make this thing, with various degrees of success [search on bacon explosion for a laugh]. Some people are “making it their own” by adding cheese and other accoutrements.

The first one to make this, let me know. I do not have a smoker, sigh.


Pinky toe trauma

Well, I guess I won’t be wearing

<——- these, for a while.

It happened yesterday morning.

The phone rang as I stepped out of the shower and rang and rang and rang, and —

clearly the husband was not getting it [he was outside smoking.]

So I ran for the phone, damp and towel-wrapped –

and jammed my pinky toe backwards against the bathroom door-board.

It did not hurt much – until last night, after I had been standing, cooking all afternoon. Then it began to hurt like a mother-f-er, 2 high power aspirin made no dent in the pain.

And then I took a look at it.

Good lord, it is all purple and 5 times the size it should be, and possibly broken – ack!

So, the foot is up and iced, and I am out of commission for a few days – I hope that is all.

I may tape it – I read that is all that is done if it is broken anyway.

Damn toe.

NH film festival rocked (again)!

We had the best time at the New Hampshire Film Festival in Portsmouth!

4 days packed of films [shorts, features, & documentaries], really great industry panel discussions  and after parties.

I think we saw at least 20 shorts and 6 features/documentaries – The Life Before Her Eyes with Uma Thurman and Evan Rachel Wood, Wellness, August with Josh Hartnett and David Bowie, Transsiberian with Woody Harrelson, I.O.U.S.A., and Chronic Town [my favorite.] And we missed dozens more. 

I really loved the short Epicac, based on a Kurt Vonnegut short story. It was really moving. Husband liked Free Lunch the best. We both loved this short-short [really short] animated film –For You.

We also attended 4 panel discussions that were highly informative and interactive – [budgeting, from script to screen, working in the film business, and short filmmaking].

And then, of course, we ate. Especially from this homemade chocolate shop… [peanut butter cups, chocolate covered potato chips, oops, I digress…]

What was really cool were the Q&As after the films – with directors, producers, actors involved in the films.  One film, I.O.U.S.A., a documentary about the US budget deficit, had NH Senator Gregg on stage after the film to answer questions as well.

What was even better – the people involved in the festival and the people attending were very friendly, warm, and welcoming. It really is a nice, supportive film community there. Plus the town of Portsmouth is really nice [and close to Maine and lobster.]

We are definately treking up there again next year. If you are in the area, meet us there!


Some trailers:

Epicac: – go here.


Chronic Town:

Shanah Tovah

When I was younger, I used to fast and go to synagogue on Yom Kippur . That is today.

I remember always getting a new dress and shoes to wear to temple.

I remember the prayer in memory of loved family members gone.

I remember walking to a little bridge above a pond with my father and sister, and throwing our sins into the water.

I remember looking forward to making the new year better.

And, I remember the rabbi blowing the shofar at the end of the day.

Shanah Tovah. [Have a good year.]

The birthday convo

It went like this:

Husband is filling out some papers, looks up – he needs some info from me —

“What’s your birthday?”


“We’ve been together 22 years you still don’t know when my birthday is?”


He says “Funny how the gifts show up.”

“So, you know it, what are you only asking to annoy me?”

“I don’t remember the year.”

“What if I’m in the hospital out cold and they ask you for my birth date, what good will you be?”

He cracks up.


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