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Just because I feel like it

Wow, I have not blogged in ages.

Not because life is not interesting – more because of laziness, or facebook…. oh  I really don’t have any suitable excuse.

But – I’m baaack…

The top 10 things since September – September?!

1) The screenplay is being read by 4 film production companies in Britain (one is bigtime). I have been on a query frenzy. A few people lit a fire under me – get that out there – now! My father being one of them. He so wants this movie made. Me too, dad!

2) I have been dieting. It is working, yay! I will get into my skinny jeans any day now. Anyone remember the old Scarsdale diet? I haven’t eaten this much grapefruit in my whole life.

3) Before the diet, we joined friends on a weekend eating frenzy in D.C.  Dim Sum at Mark’s Duck House. Peking Duck at Peking Gourmet in Falls Church. Yeah, a lot of duck – doesn’t it look good, though?

Oh, and there was the 9 course (9!) dinner at the chef’s table at Tosca. In the kitchen. Spectacular food. But way too much.

4) Got a museum fix. The Gaugin exhibit at the National Gallery. The new News Museum. Go there! You can read the news off a teleprompter, have it displayed on the TV monitor above, and cringe. It was fun – but none of us opted to buy it for 5 bucks.

5) We have been going to the Metropolitan Opera Live in HD at a local theater. It is fantastic. (Also it is fantastic to be the youngest person in the theater – but I digress.) What is cool is that during intermissions you see the backstage machinations – (one unaware stagehand guy said “fuck” – and this is live – oops). And Renee Fleming and Placido Domingo interviewed the stars backstage. You don’t get this at the opera house. Check it out – Met Opera Live in HD in theaters near you!

6) I have been way too invested in this year’s season of American Idol. So glad it is almost over, so now I can watch “The Voice” – which has better talent and better judges.  Because this season, AI voters got rid of the only good one – Haley Reinhart.  Despite my voting like a ninja. She was awesome doing Zep, and her father plays a mean guitar.

7) I bought 2  limited edition Murikami lithos on eBay. From Japan. Before the nuclear disaster. 

Takashi Murakami "Me and Mr. DOB"


8 )  We finally hung the Murikami’s last week. 

9) I am watching a deer munch on grass in my backyard.

10) I am so waiting to see the new Woody Allen film – “Midnight in Paris.” It is supposed to be his best film in 10 years.

Are zebra print jackets offensive?