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Just because I feel like it

Wow, I have not blogged in ages.

Not because life is not interesting – more because of laziness, or facebook…. oh  I really don’t have any suitable excuse.

But – I’m baaack…

The top 10 things since September – September?!

1) The screenplay is being read by 4 film production companies in Britain (one is bigtime). I have been on a query frenzy. A few people lit a fire under me – get that out there – now! My father being one of them. He so wants this movie made. Me too, dad!

2) I have been dieting. It is working, yay! I will get into my skinny jeans any day now. Anyone remember the old Scarsdale diet? I haven’t eaten this much grapefruit in my whole life.

3) Before the diet, we joined friends on a weekend eating frenzy in D.C.  Dim Sum at Mark’s Duck House. Peking Duck at Peking Gourmet in Falls Church. Yeah, a lot of duck – doesn’t it look good, though?

Oh, and there was the 9 course (9!) dinner at the chef’s table at Tosca. In the kitchen. Spectacular food. But way too much.

4) Got a museum fix. The Gaugin exhibit at the National Gallery. The new News Museum. Go there! You can read the news off a teleprompter, have it displayed on the TV monitor above, and cringe. It was fun – but none of us opted to buy it for 5 bucks.

5) We have been going to the Metropolitan Opera Live in HD at a local theater. It is fantastic. (Also it is fantastic to be the youngest person in the theater – but I digress.) What is cool is that during intermissions you see the backstage machinations – (one unaware stagehand guy said “fuck” – and this is live – oops). And Renee Fleming and Placido Domingo interviewed the stars backstage. You don’t get this at the opera house. Check it out – Met Opera Live in HD in theaters near you!

6) I have been way too invested in this year’s season of American Idol. So glad it is almost over, so now I can watch “The Voice” – which has better talent and better judges.  Because this season, AI voters got rid of the only good one – Haley Reinhart.  Despite my voting like a ninja. She was awesome doing Zep, and her father plays a mean guitar.

7) I bought 2  limited edition Murikami lithos on eBay. From Japan. Before the nuclear disaster. 

Takashi Murakami "Me and Mr. DOB"


8 )  We finally hung the Murikami’s last week. 

9) I am watching a deer munch on grass in my backyard.

10) I am so waiting to see the new Woody Allen film – “Midnight in Paris.” It is supposed to be his best film in 10 years.

Are zebra print jackets offensive?


Oy the waiting

I posted last month that my screenplay had made the top 25% cut in the 2010 Page International Screenwriting Awards Contest.

I was pretty excited about that.

So, not sure why I neglected to post that – the script has since made Quarterfinals – the top 10% of 4412 scripts entered. Yay!

So —

The next cut – Semi-finalists (top 25 scripts in each genre)  – will be announced on August 15th.  

I was okay not thinking about it – until I have been getting reminders all this week.

“12 days.”



Time to focus on something else.

Like shoe shopping maybe?

Or should I buy one of these?

The Page International Screenplay Contest email – yay!

movie film

I received a fantastic email yesterday from the Page Awards!

“Dear Michele,

2010 marks the 7th anniversary of The PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, and this is shaping to be our strongest and most competitive year ever! We received 4,412 scripts this year, submitted by writers from all across the United States and around the world, and our Judges are telling us that the overall quality of this year’s entries is the best they’ve ever seen. So the next few months promise to be very exciting!

Today we’re officially kicking off The 2010 PAGE Awards announcement season, and we have some very good news for you…

The Judges have finished evaluating all the scripts in the First Round of competition, and they have advanced the top 25% of all entries into the Second Round. Based on your First Round scores, we’re very happy to inform you that you are now in the Second Round of competition.

Congratulations!! Given the caliber of competition you faced, this is a real achievement.”

Man, that made my day!

It also made my day that my fellow screenwriter friends in Max Adams’ 5150 International Screenwriting Workshop – Nancy, Christie, and Jos – are in the top 25% with me! Yay!

5150 – rocks!

Next round (quarterfinal) announcements are on July 15. Here’s hoping!


You know what my house looks like when I am starting to write a new screenplay?

Little bits of papers with ideas that hit me in the middle of the night.

Big pieces of paper with ideas written on the front, on the back, in diagonal scrawls with arrows pointing everywhere.

PP1 —->
Inciting event —->
A line of dialogue
An image
A whole scene
Several Word docs open at the same time.
This one has just ideas I’ve thrown down
This one has links for research.
This one has a half-finished outline.
This one actually has script pages, half of which have been edited in Final Draft and are sitting in the upstairs computer.


This is so un feng-shui.

And yet – out of madness comes creativity.

I hope.

Who the hell was that?

Things have gotten real strange around here lately.

Appliances are going freaky. The dishwasher started to smell like burning rubber. Called the guy, had that fixed. The A/C – not working real well.  The A/C guy came yesterday.

Internet is acting wonky. The wireless signal is intermittently nonexistent or very low. There sometimes seems to be a connection with the BlackBerry, which cannot get signal at the same time the wireless acts up, I am not sure why, they are different services. And AOL software started going crazy yesterday too, I could not get online on the land line yesterday without using a different browser, but now AOL is remarkably working.

The other night, the house alarm starting beeping, really shrill, every few seconds, in the middle of the night. Turns out it is on low battery.


I had all of these theories about bad feng-shui or some kind of craziness in the atmosphere that is throwing all signals off or maybe some planet is in retrograde.


And then around 3 am this morning, I am awoken by what I swear is a ghost riding on horseback through my bedroom – it was loud and thunderous and scared me to f-ing death. I yelled “someone is in the house!”

And I wonder if that is someone coming to make things right again. Or if this is the culprit – some ghost is doing this stuff.

Or if it was just a dream. 

Or if I am thinking about my new script too much.

Or – was it Adam Lambert?

I am seeing him in concert tonight, yay! Even got this cool tee at Costco.

Okay, I feel better. All is right. For now.

Damn – now the phone went wonky.

5150 rocks!

movie filmNews from the screenwriting front.

My screenplay made top 25% in the Page International Screenplay competition, with over 4300 entries, and scored 53/60 in the Script Savvy Competition.

And two amazing screenwriters in the 5150 screenwriting workshop, led by screenwriter Max Adams, also took contest hits – yay!   Nancy Bilyeau made Page quarterfinalists, Julie Howe made Bluecat quarterfinalists!

5150 so rocks!!!!

Oygirl top ten…

Top ten excuses for neglecting the blog:

fb quiz10. Too much time taking stupid Facebook quizzes. I must stop this nonsense.

9. Cleaning 5 bathrooms because I am all out of police tape.

8. Running to D.C. for a weekend to see the Clapton/Winwood concert. Husband asked me to blog about this, I said it would be quick – “It didn’t suck.”

7. I have been taking this awesome Visual Writing class taught by Max.
If you are a screenwriter you must take this class.

6. I have this day job….

lambert5. Total fascination with this Adam Lambert thing, sigh.

4. An anniversary and a birthday in the same week.

3. Planning for a stealth recliner delivery for my father for father’s day. I told the sales guy that this could go all wrong. It goes down tomorrow…

2. Running to the Berkshires for a Bat Mitzvah weekend extravaganza followed by a few days in New England with no internet access for almost all that time.

1. Rewriting and polishing the script for these screenplay contests I entered. Running to post offices and UPS. I feel really good about this script now.

Sorry, Oygirl readers [if you are out there anymore?]

I will be better. Promise.