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36 hours in NYC – wish ribbons, blue shoes, and friends

We ran off to NYC for a quickie get-together with friends.

I’ll get to that later…

First, we got to the hotel around 7 pm, and cabbed it over to the 2nd Ave. Deli for matzoh ball soup and pastrami sandwiches. I still think this is the best pastrami in the city. Also, I really like the free mini-shots of chocolate soda that come with the check.

Then I had to wrestle with rugrat kids in the hotel business center at 9:30 pm to get on a pc before the 10 pm chat that Max Adams kindly arranged for her 5150 screenwriting workshop with guest screenwriter Terry Rossio. This was no picnic, trying to get that pc. A couple of kids on one pc. 2 Spanish guys on another, a surly teen girl on another, and an older man with a yarmulke on the last one. At about 9:50, after much exaggerated sighing, I announced “I have a 10:00 meeting with someone in Hollywood, is anyone getting off soon?!” Yarmulke guy kindly gave me his pc. It was a great chat – lots of great information and advice from Terry. And – Johnnie Depp is hotter in person than in the movies. So I hear.

Friday we had lunch at Luke’s Lobster in the East Village. It has recently been named one of the best lobster roll places in the city. It did not disappoint! Yum. The place has no real seating, just about 8-10 stools at a bar. We luckily got window seats and polished those babies off.

Then we cabbed it down to the New Museum on Bowery and Prince. I love this place because it is so off-beat.

There was a Rivane Neuenshwander exhibit in the lobby [other floors too, but I am telling you about the lobby..] – called “I Wish Your Wish.” She is a Brazilian artist.

It is walls of colored ribbons with people’s wishes printed on them. The ribbons loosely poke out of little holes. Visitors are invited to select ribbons printed with a wish to tie around their wrists. [The guy in the exhibit instructed me to tie three knots – I did.] When the ribbon falls off, Brazilian tradition is that one’s wish will come true. Visitors may write another wish and place it in the empty hole. [I did.]

So – I now will be wearing this yellow ribbon and green ribbon on my left wrist for – who knows how long?

There is this shoe store in Soho just a few blocks from the museum on Prince St. My favorite NYC shoe store – John Fluevog.

But. It was getting close to the time we had to be downtown for the reason we came to NYC in the first place – the party. I did not want to be late, but the husband insisted – insisted – we go get me some shoes. Who am I to argue?

I got me some baby-blue John Flouevog shoes.

They were even on sale, yay!

All this, and still – the best part of the trip – was seeing my old friends.

Friends I used to work with years ago. The occasion – an informal retirement party for a few of my old bosses, at Captain’s Ketch in the financial district. About 60-70 people showed, and caught up with each other over many glasses of wine and other alcoholic beverages.  It was way cool to see everyone again.

There is a core group (okay, clique) of seven women that are still really close – even though 4 of us have scattered off from that job. And we huddled and caught up with each other as if we had all been together just yesterday instead of 2-3 years ago. The best kind of friends to have.

The party was scheduled from 5 – 9pm, and at 10pm a whole lot of us were still there when the place turned on the lights to signal – hey you guys are running over – so we did what we used to do.

12 of us trudged up to Wo Hop in Chinatown for dinner. And pigged out on homemade wonton soup, dumplings, sesame noodles, egg rolls, and various versions of Chow Fun. 

And we all again hugged and went our separate ways. Until next time.


Thank you

So today is about turkey and stuffing and football. Really?

If you have family and friends.

If you have your health.

If you have food and shelter.

If you have a job.

If you have love.

And you love.


“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.” – Meister Eckhart

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Love, Michele

Not a boring week

Some weeks end the same way they start – a blur of nothing.

surprise I can not say that for this past week, it has been a week of the unexpected, like some cosmic force is here to shake everything up and see where things land.

Our geek friends from NY came to dinner and left us with wireless internet. This in a house that 2 months ago had still been on dial-up because we live in an area not deemed populous enough to warrant modern conveniences. Like cable.  Which brings me to –  

I lost American Idol, oh the horror!  Our local Fox station decided to convert to digital early, and since we do not get cable and only have a dish that cannot see the local channel satellite because of the trees, we have been using an antenna to get those and – ah – you know what happened. So we need to get a digital-to-analog converter and hope to god that works or I will be at my mother’s house every Tuesday night.

I sent out a bunch of screenplay queries on Tuesday afternoon [remember snail-mail?] and on Thursday afternoon I get this phone call from California – can you send us your script? Woo hoo! I got that baby out yesterday.

My father had surgery on his face a week ago because his prior skin cancer had come back – or maybe it is a new one in the same place – and it was apparently very large because he had to get back on the table 3 times. And they stitched him up from his  cheek to his hairline. And we found out yesterday after he saw the doctor to get the stitches removed that the kind he had was the least scary one – it was basil cell carcinoma. Whew, whew, whew.

A friend of mine from high school found me, and I found another old friend from years ago in NYC. I love it when that happens.

I endured a mediocre restaurant and a mediocre concert last night. Sometimes life has to go back to mediocre, if even for one night.

My husband woke up in such pain this morning that he called the dentist at home at 8:00 on a Saturday morning and we met him at his office for an emergency root canal and now he is on massive pain killers and soaking with hot salt water.

Some other friends that we have not seen in 2 years for no reason at all other then they now live an hour away from us called out of the blue and we are seeing them tomorrow. Noon. [If the husband is painless by then – the meds do not appear to be working.]

Like I said, not a boring week.

Three nights in NYC

Sunday night in NYC, we went to dinner with friends at Sip Sak, a Turkish restaurant, and then we went to the Spamalot stage door to get my Playbill signed by Clay Aiken[oops.] It was not what we expected. I will be posting about that soon – Oops 2. [There may be video, if I can get it working.]

Monday night, we went to the 2nd Ave. Deli [best pastrami in town], and then to Jim Caruso’s Cast Party at Birdland. Monday nights are open mike night, where a mix of accomplished Broadway stars and new people wanting exposure get up and entertain. You go there, you never know who will show up. The atmosphere is straight out of the old movies, a nightclub with small tables around the stage, with drinks/food service.

Paul Shaeffer, from the David Letterman show, was there and played piano impromptu, to accompany this really good guy singer from England who sang “The Birth of the Blues.” [I have video of that too, see note above.]

So was Miss New York, who will be competing in the Miss America pageant in a few weeks and was there to practice her performance for the talent portion of the competition. She was pretty good.

Also, this guy who was a writer on Seinfeld and Cheers got up and “sang” a funny song he wrote.

Tuesday night we went to the Met to see La Boheme. It was beautiful, and the scenery was fantastic. We had dinner reservations there too, but cancelled them because we were late getting out of the doctor’s office, and it was supposed to snow and ice that night, so we decided to cancel and not wear our “fine” clothes and my new shoes in a slushy mess while waiting for cabs that are hard to get in slushy messes.

Happy new year

newyeartsqWhen I was in college, my friend and I used to utter something in unison – in deep, mock-serious, overly-dramatic voices – when things got dicey or confusing:

“Who knows what the future may bring…”

May 2009 be a year of happiness and all good things for all of my friends and family.

With love, Michele

Merry Christmas to all…

This morning I made the the cranberry scones. I do this every Christmas – hot scones and coffee.


At 10:30, I call my father, wish him a happy holiday, & see if he likes the gifts we shipped. They are the only gifts he gets, except this year his nurse baked him some cookies.

At 11:00, my mother comes over and we drink wine and eat cheese and open the gifts. We don’t do a tree, we put the gifts in the “library.” [See that little pic in the bookcase? Guess who that is…]


And then – I cook. Nothing fancy this year, we just got home last night.

Happy holidays to all of my dear friends.

Tales from the shopping front

Friday night –

We go to the Franco’s clothing going-out-of-business sale, in search for gifts for my mother. Franco’s is a local upscale boutique, and it rented a store just for this sale.

Husband and I, the only customers, are browsing the racks when this older African American salesman, in a suit, approaches me, looks at me quizzically, and says “Don’t I know you from somewhere? What’s your name?”

Husband thinks – “what a come on line.”

I check him out, hmm, and say “Michele…”

He smiles, says “Ah, Michele [ last name]!”

I say “Spencer? From DM Williams?”

Yes, it is the salesman from a store I used to shop near work, another boutique gone out of business that I have not been to in 5 years.

This guy remembered me from 5 years ago.

Husband laughed, “She was one of your best customers, huh?”

Not so sure I like this rep. Hmm.


Yesterday –

Two girlfriends traipse out with me at lunch to Target, I am in search for some gifts for the husband, I have a list and everything.

We detour on the way to eat Mexican, then run through the rain to the store.

Right up at the entrance there are these cute-as-hell Christmas tees for $4. Not sickly cute, just little black tees with little studded Christmas trees on the front. Also, there was a gray one with a little penguin.

We all grab one, carry them around the whole store while shopping for other stuff. And I could not find one damn item on my list, what is up with that?

On the way out, generally miffed at the whole Target experience, I say – “I’m not sure I want this shirt I am putting it back.”

I put it back.

They do too.