Casey James and Crystal Bowersox – American Idol tour stars

Okay, perhaps I am not objective going in, but I have watched virtually all of the American Idol tour on youtube this weekend, and the stars are….

Yeah, you read that title.

If you, like me, are not going to see the American Idols Live tour in person this year, here are some of the best performances from the tour that I have seen so far…

Casey James – “Don’t.” Watch for the guitar switch mid-song. USA Today reports that Casey used 6 guitars for 5 songs.

Casey James – “I Got Mine.” Bluesy rock guitar jam.

Crystal Bowersox singing one of my favorite songs – “What’s Going On?”

Tells you who really should have won American Idol, huh?


10 responses to “Casey James and Crystal Bowersox – American Idol tour stars

  1. Love Crystal’s song, but WHAT is she wearing?! It so does not look like a Crystal-style. IMO.

  2. Casey is a fantastic musician & performer!

  3. Casey shows amazing versatility (not just by swinging six guitars) but with each different type of song choice. Casey’s rendition of I Got Mine is dynamic even on a fan made video that doesnt really project the effect or control the sound the viewer hears if they were present at the concert.
    Crystal sings so much sweeter and relaxed than when not facing the nasty ol judges.

  4. Southern Girl

    Casey James rocks!!!! I can’t understand why he was never discovered after playing gigs almost every night for ten years in Texas. Must not be many record industry scouts hanging out in the lone star state bars. He is talented and deserving of a long and successful career in the music industry. In my opinion, AI judges majorly missed the bus this year & threw Casey under it instead. Their agenda was soooo wrong! Guess they’re kicking themselves in the buttocks for tearing down the contestants instead of building them up. Makes you wonder about all those cancelled shows and poor ticket sales, doesn’t it? Hmm…

  5. CASEY IS clearly the star of the show. Why don’t you RECORD execs SIGN HIM and then ADD some songs on THIS TOUR!!! MONEY can still drop down from heaven – following the BEST artist we have seen in YEARS!!!!!

  6. Casey is “IT”…there was never any doubt in my mind…EVER! He is SUPER-talented! I am absolutely a fan for life! I love watching him perform any and everything! LOVE HIM!!

  7. Lightspeed

    I agree! Casey was undermined and he has mad talent! Not surprised at all that he has become one of two Stars of the Live Tour. It’s too bad American Idol got off on the wrong foot with CJ. I would have loved to had seen a CJ and CB finale. And I would have been satisfied with the results, whatever it might have been. But Leroy didn’t earn the win. AI producers set him up for it. Vote For The Worst didn’t do CJ any favors either. I guess, for an American Idol season 9 we’re stuck with, “A little banshee called Leroy” “Everybody Hurts” on this Idol Chump. “Broken Hallelujah!”

  8. casey needs to be on a tour of is on ,although the rest are talented , but verry boring.caseys got it all and always has. he can take any song and make it good,im talking ANYTHING.cant wate for his first album. i am such a big fan.

  9. Glitterydaze

    Casey drew my attention very early on in AI. There was just something about Casey’s professional mannerism combined with his talents. Each week there was more to see and something I couldn’t wait to see. The guitar was just a toy in his hands and combined with that amazing one-of-a-kind bluesy country voice, he was able to work musical miracles that touch the heart, soul, mind and body. Nothing has changed from idol, there’s just more of it, thank goodness. Casey was my winner of idol; that won’t change either.

  10. Casey is the MAN! Crystal is good, don’t get me wrong – but america got this one wrong – casey SHOULD have won

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