Happy New Year!

What do New Yorkers do on New Year’s Eve?

Well, when I lived in NYC, I never went to see the ball drop on Times Square. Real New Yorkers don’t do that, that is for kids and tourists.

New Years Eve was a time to spend with a small group of close friends in someone’s apartment. Or, once, lost in NYC at midnight. With a small group of friends.

Tonight, it will be just myself and the husband with a bowl of pasta pesto and a glass of champagne. And a “chat.” With a small group of friends.

Have a happy and healthy new year! May 2010 be better than 2009, and may all your wishes and dreams come true!

Xoxoxo –



5 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Kiss kiss back atcha. Have a great gathering tonight.

    I had no idea New Yorkers didn’t go watch the ball drop. We went once and it was so crowded. But the confetti, so beautiful. I will never forget that.

  2. Happy New Year Miss.

  3. Happy New Year to you both too!

    Kitty, Nyers are too jaded to stand in a large crowd and freeze, lol.

  4. I hope the first day of 2010 was a good one that bodes well for you and yours!

  5. You too, you and your boy have a great new year, Sulya!

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