Missing Clay

If there is one thing Clay Aiken sings best, it is Christmas.

I am SO missing those Clay Christmas concerts [that I dragged my husband to.] The one in Washington DC (where I won a meet and greet, yay!) The one in NYC. Another one in Morristown NJ.

I guess this will have to do.

[BTW, there are 2 Clay Aiken Christmas albums, one is “Merry Christmas with Love,” the other is a short EP “All is Well.” They are superb.]


4 responses to “Missing Clay

  1. Aww. You have forgiven Clay.

  2. I heard him sing again recently (on youtube) and all those tingly feelings came rushing back….

    Also, I am playing his Christmas albums and remembering those concerts perhaps a bit too fondly.

  3. You were the number one Clay fan for a long time. You do not have to give the past love up just because the current is different.

  4. I am actually losing interest in Adam after his AMA debacle.

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