The yule log for all

If you grew up in the NY city region, you may remember the WPIX (channel 11) yule log. Especially if you did not have a fireplace, like most city dwellers (except for those really rich classic 6 dwellers – and I have never been invited over for Christmas by millionaires.)

So, yes, it is corny as hell, but you could always turn on WPIX and watch a picture of a blazing fire in the fireplace while holiday music plays. On the TV. For hours. This was the yule log.

So, while tooling around online this morning on an un-focused search for Christmas present possibilities, guess what I found?

A Yule Log DVD!!!

“Christmas Classics by the Fire.”

Here is a link to a clip from the DVD, it is at National Public Radio, which is recommending this on its 11th Annual Director’s Cut’s Gift Guide for 2009.

Watch the yule log. [Yes, that is Dean Martin! Some great cheesiness!]

[P.S. I happen to have 2 gas fireplaces now, which tend to set off the smoke alarms. I am liking this yule log thing.]


2 responses to “The yule log for all

  1. That is the weirdest and funniest thing I have heard of in an age. A fireplace channel.

    It is summer here for Christmas, but I think a channel dedicated to folk frolicking in swimming pools would just piss a lot of people off.

  2. It is funny. What is funnier is that people actually watch it – myself included! (or used to!)

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