Media overload

I have been watching a lot of movies and listening to a lot of music over the past few days.

Music first.

I am disappointed in the Adam Lambert album, For Your Entertainment.  [I am/was a huge Adam lambert fan, btw.]  And not because he acted like an immature a-hole at the AMA awards. [Smack. You are not Madonna yet, Adam, you need to earn your stripes before attempting shock-value.]  Many of the songs on the album have similar beats that blend into each other. Only 3 songs stand out as good to me – and that is because they showcase his voice.

This is the best song – in my opinion.  It showcases his voice and is reminiscent of Queen.

I received the Susan Boyle CD the same day Adam’s CD arrived. I really like it. Her voice is wonderful. And her album has sold more than double Adam’s in the first week – she’s up to 675,000 vs. his 250,000.

Remember her?

Then –

And now – from her new album. You go girl!

Also, today I tumbled upon a stream of Allison Iraheta’s new album – Just Like You.

You know what? It is way better than Adam’s.

So, all these albums from reality TV shows? They may be good, but none hold a candle to what we watched last night on HBO.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert. Man! This is a total must see.

I am not even going to name all the stars on this. Okay. Here are some – Jeff Beck Band, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Aretha Franklin, Metallica, Paul Simon, Simon & Garfunkel, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, U2 and Stevie Wonder. Billy Joel. Sting. Jackson Browne. Many many more.

If you missed it, it will air again,  here is a link to the schedule.

Movies – next time. Tired.


4 responses to “Media overload

  1. I was wondering what your thoughts were on Lambert’s AMA perfomance. I didn’t see it, only heard about it.
    And Boyle, so happy for her that her CD is selling well.

  2. Well, my love for Adam is waning. Immature. I even told him so on facebook, lol!

    I love Boyle’s CD. Also loving Allison’s.

  3. I agree on Lambert. But I think what he is doing is – as they emphasized in acting class – never start off with a bang. In other words, don’t aim for the sky off the bat, make the audience want more. He is versatile and I think that is what he is doing because he knows he is versatile. And that is financially crafty because people will keep buying his albums until they get their fix.

    He is like Obama. Just be patient, historical things might happen.

  4. He sure did start off with a “bang.” I think he has learned from this, hopefully he did not lose too many fans though.

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