Convo with mom

So, the phone rings, I answer, it is my mother.

kitty mouth

Mom:  What do I do if I can’t move my mouth?

Me:   What? Go to the hospital!

Mom:   What?

Me:   You can’t move your mouth?

Mom:   [cracks up] – My mouse!

Me:  [sighs] – Oh! Reboot. I thought you said your mouth.

Mom:  [still cracking up] – If I couldn’t move my mouth I wouldn’t be talking.



4 responses to “Convo with mom

  1. Damn that is funny!

  2. This cracked me up…. Funny Funny oygirl.

  3. What is sad is that it is true – word for word.

    I love your new pic Sulya.

  4. Those are the best convos to transcribe. A live game of “broken telephone”…

    Thanks, Michele – I had to straighten my hair that day because the curls don’t look so good after four months without a hair cut and my hairdresser was in Hawaii LOL…

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