Dancing in heaven

We went to see “This Is It” yesterday, the rehearsal footage for the Michael Jackson concert that sadly never came to be.

He danced and sang as good as he ever did. There was no lip-synching while he danced, either.

He was spectacular. Even the night before he died.

It was so enlightening to see how much work went into the preparation
for this show.

The choreography, music, special effects, including 3D, and the music videos.

The note by note, step by step, detail that Michael paid attention to. He was in charge of this show, and he was very excited about it.

It is ironic how much work went into this, how much excitement there was around it. They were close to done rehearsing, and everything was coming together. And then. The horrible shock and sadness.

But this movie does not go there, to the sadness. This movie is pure joy. And love.


One response to “Dancing in heaven

  1. Great title for this blog post.

    We didn’t get to make it yesterday. Spanky got real sick real quick, had to spend the evening with her in the ER getting some fluids in her. Maybe we’ll catch it during the week.

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