I didn’t know Warren Schor, the 20 year-old Cornell student that died from swine flu a few days ago.

But – I went to Cornell. So, I have been reading about him, and about the 520 students there that have contracted the H1N1 virus.

He walked and lived in the same places I did at that age, on the beautiful, but sometimes cold, stress-inducing Cornell campus. He lived in the same dorm I did. He majored in the same major I did. Studied in the same buildings I did. He lived in ZBT last, a fraternity where I spent some time. And I cannot imagine that fate befalling this guy as I cannot imagine this happening to any student walking through this 4 years of Cornell life. 

But – he didn’t get 4 years. And, I feel really sad. For him, because he was a nice young man in his prime. For the family and friends who loved him and were worrying about him during the 9 days he was in the hospital and who are now grieving.

For the loss when there should be dreams of the future.


One response to “Sad

  1. That is so heartbreaking, Michele.

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