Shoes and booties

I wore my high heel pumps to work one day, and apparently the stress fracture on my cuboid bone is not totally heeled because it was screaming by the end of the day – “get me out of these damn heels!”

So, last weekend, I went to Richie & Co. looking for black mid-heel shoes for work and for tooling around Portsmouth this fall. As in – two pair.

Great finds!

This Beautifeel Kimberly shoe is the most comfortable shoe ever.

Black leather kimberly beautifeel shoes

The moment I put it on, it fit like a second skin, and I have worn it all day at work with no rubbing or pain at all. Plus, I like how they look – they are made of leather and patent leather and stretchy material on the top edge. Very Mondrian.

I also got these Everybody Monza short booties.

everybody monza boot

They are black with a gray flap on top, with a stack wood heel. Short boots are in style this season too, which is a plus.

I so love shoe shopping.


2 responses to “Shoes and booties

  1. Love those short booties. I’d wear that.

  2. They looked great with jeans.

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