You know what my house looks like when I am starting to write a new screenplay?

Little bits of papers with ideas that hit me in the middle of the night.

Big pieces of paper with ideas written on the front, on the back, in diagonal scrawls with arrows pointing everywhere.

PP1 —->
Inciting event —->
A line of dialogue
An image
A whole scene
Several Word docs open at the same time.
This one has just ideas I’ve thrown down
This one has links for research.
This one has a half-finished outline.
This one actually has script pages, half of which have been edited in Final Draft and are sitting in the upstairs computer.


This is so un feng-shui.

And yet – out of madness comes creativity.

I hope.


3 responses to “Scattered

  1. Birth is messy. It is still a good thing.

  2. “out of madness comes creativity”

    Amen sistah and keep at it. YEY!

  3. I don’t know how to do “not messy” – I suppose it is what works for me, lol.

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