American Idols Live

We drove 2 hours to see them.

Our seats were not the greatest, they were in the nose-bleed section, way high, but right in line with the side of the stage, so we brought binoculars.

Before the concert started, there was video, and each time Adam Lambert’s picture – yes, picture – came on screen, the crowd roared and screamed. Definitely an Adam crowd. The husband tried to shush me – it is only a picture, jeez – but I got caught up in the moment.

Right before the concert started, I was focusing the binoculars at the audience directly opposite us – hundreds of feet away across the stadium – and 2 girls started waving at me. Husband says “some people are waving at you?” LOL – they are friends from work who at the exact moment I focused on them – focused on me.  One of them is Tanya, and these are her pictures (below.)

The first set of performers were the top 6, in order of elimination, and I must say, Scott MacIntyre and Matt Giraud were really very good. They both played piano, and even did a piano duet.

Then, the rush for a smoke down 4 floors and out the door during intermission. We missed the first song of Allsion Iraheta’s set [ I  mistakenly thought Danny Gokey was next, and missing him would be fine with me. Oops.] Allison rocked the house. She did Janis Joplin’s “Cry Baby” and Heart’s “Barracuda.”

Had to sit through Gokey. Waiting, waiting, for Adam ….

The screams were deafening….

He comes out singing Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”….

Then, Muse’s “Starlight.”

adam 1

“Mad World.”

Duet with Allison – “Slow Ride.” 

Rips off his jacket. adam 3

 And prances and grinds to Bowie’s “Life on Mars,” “Fame,” and “Let’s Dance.”


Kris Allen was pretty good too. His last song was “Hey Jude” and he got the whole audience singing along.

Then, the obligatory group song. Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.”


We rushed down to wait by the buses afterwards.

Tanya and Karin (the two girls from work), and another girl that was with them, met us at the barricades, and we waited for Adam to come out (the others too) to sign autographs.

For 90 minutes.

There was a 4 year old boy who started getting annoyed, he said “They are wasting my time!”

At 11:30, with 90 minutes in, and we know the garage closes at midnight and is blocks away, things began to get dicey.

And the girls with us – they had taken the metro, which closes at midnight.

Then a security guard announces that those taking the metro should leave, the midnight closing is to reach your destination, not to get on the train – and these girls took off like a bat outta hell, they did not even say good-bye. They were – gone.

We waited 10 more minutes, and had to go get the car.

We forgot exactly what street the garage was on. Ran around looking for the garage, and finally figured it out. 

Got the car with 5 minutes to spare – 11:55.

Decided to ride back  to see if Adam had come out yet.

And saw the bus leaving, the last remnants of the crowd waving.


But, still – it was a good time.

Except for getting home at 2 am.


2 responses to “American Idols Live

  1. I don’t have any problem with not so great seats. It’s better than sitting at home.

    What a damn shame you missed them at the back door.

  2. Yeah, the seats were fine. Good enough, anyway.

    Bill had offered to go get the car and pick me up so I could wait, but I did not want them to come out, leave, and then I would be standing in DC alone at midnight waiting for him. I should have let him do it, sigh.

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