Who the hell was that?

Things have gotten real strange around here lately.

Appliances are going freaky. The dishwasher started to smell like burning rubber. Called the guy, had that fixed. The A/C – not working real well.  The A/C guy came yesterday.

Internet is acting wonky. The wireless signal is intermittently nonexistent or very low. There sometimes seems to be a connection with the BlackBerry, which cannot get signal at the same time the wireless acts up, I am not sure why, they are different services. And AOL software started going crazy yesterday too, I could not get online on the land line yesterday without using a different browser, but now AOL is remarkably working.

The other night, the house alarm starting beeping, really shrill, every few seconds, in the middle of the night. Turns out it is on low battery.


I had all of these theories about bad feng-shui or some kind of craziness in the atmosphere that is throwing all signals off or maybe some planet is in retrograde.


And then around 3 am this morning, I am awoken by what I swear is a ghost riding on horseback through my bedroom – it was loud and thunderous and scared me to f-ing death. I yelled “someone is in the house!”

And I wonder if that is someone coming to make things right again. Or if this is the culprit – some ghost is doing this stuff.

Or if it was just a dream. 

Or if I am thinking about my new script too much.

Or – was it Adam Lambert?

I am seeing him in concert tonight, yay! Even got this cool tee at Costco.

Okay, I feel better. All is right. For now.

Damn – now the phone went wonky.


4 responses to “Who the hell was that?

  1. Leave an apple out for the horse and all will be right.

  2. We don’t have apples in this house ….

  3. Michele,

    Call a priest. Or a rabbi. Or someone with a direct connection to a supreme being who can stop this nonsense before it get out of hand!

    Or….try Ambien. The damn running of the bulls could stampede through my bedroom led by a group of drunk Australians and I wouldn’t wake up.

  4. Ambien sounds good…

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