A cool new way to shop for clothes

Shopping for clothes and shoes and accessories on this new site Polyvore is fun.

Users put together sets of stuff that go together or have the same theme. And clicks on the items bring you to the online store that sells them. Whichever store it comes from.

This is way cool.

I am liking the black and the studs in this set.


3 responses to “A cool new way to shop for clothes

  1. Have you bought anything from them yet?

  2. you might want to try OnSugar too. OnSugar and ShopStyle working together give allot of option for looking for deals and stuff. I am letting everybody I know who shops online and posts about what they shop for to check it out. You should too.

    here is my test page if you want to see what I mean:

    if you join, let me know

  3. I haven’t bought anything yet there Kit, I just found that site yesterday. Having fun browsing, though.

    Thanks for the info, Grown, I’ll check it out.

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