BLT cupcakes?

I am all for trying new takes on food. Really.

But some things are just – wrong.

Like, sweet bagels. When we moved down south, we were appalled at the strawberry and the blueberry bagels. Bagels should not be sweet, that is just blasphemy.

Now I am reading in the NY Times about Bacon Lettuce and Tomato cupcakes? WTF?

Also there are cupcakes iced with fois gras? And bacon cupcakes with sour cream and chives?

This is actually happening in Chicago.

Hey, Chicago —


photo by jessica tampas, NY Times

photo by jessica tampas, NY Times


12 responses to “BLT cupcakes?

  1. Okay that is disgusting and bizarre.

  2. It really is.

    Sometimes these places go a little overboard in trying too hard to be trendy and unique.

  3. Argh!! Hybrid cupcakes! That’s like crossing a zucchini with a grape! Or how about some nice Nutella- stuffed salmon!

  4. Or – carrot cake! Ugh!

  5. Okay. Carrot cake is actually pretty good.

  6. [Though it totally sounds gross, I refused to eat it through most of my childhood.]

  7. I cannot eat it.

  8. That is so wrong.

  9. On SO many levels too.

  10. It is very wrong.

  11. where do I find BLT Cupcakes? What are they like?
    like a muffin or a savory cake?
    chocolate? where is the L-lettuce?

  12. Susie fleming

    I need a recipe to win a challenge, can anybody help??

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