5150 rocks!

movie filmNews from the screenwriting front.

My screenplay made top 25% in the Page International Screenplay competition, with over 4300 entries, and scored 53/60 in the Script Savvy Competition.

And two amazing screenwriters in the 5150 screenwriting workshop, led by screenwriter Max Adams, also took contest hits – yay!   Nancy Bilyeau made Page quarterfinalists, Julie Howe made Bluecat quarterfinalists!

5150 so rocks!!!!


8 responses to “5150 rocks!

  1. That is very cool Michele.

  2. 515o is the best workshop ever. Thanks to you!

  3. way to go, michele. 5150 wouldn’t be the same without you.

  4. Aw, thanks, Chris. You neither, you are a 5150 icon!

  5. That’s awesome michele! Way to go!

  6. Hey Michele! Thanks for the shout out!

    Congrats on the high “Savvy” score!! Did they actually send you written feedback as well??

  7. Oh, you deserve it Julie! Great going!

    Script Savvy gives excellent feedback, that is mainly why I entered. I strongly recommend them. It is 2 readers’ feedback combined. Check their site – one is $95, with detailed feedback (several pages), plus they write a synopsis and logline; the other is more basic, but also very valuable. I’ve done both.

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