RIP Michael Jackson

The sudden and shocking death of Michael Jackson on Thursday sparked different reactions in my house.

Yes, both I and husband were shocked, we both felt sad. But then we differed.

I grew up with Michael Jackson’s music. I had a poster of him in my bedroom. I used to listen to his early stuff over and over again. The ballads that he sang so well, with all his heart. “Ben.” “Got To Be There.” And of course, his chart-topping “Thriller” album. 

My heart ached for him, for how he died so young, for his tragic-in-some-ways life.

Husband, on the other hand, said, yes, he was incredibly talented, but, you, know, he was also a … peda-

I held my hand out like a stop signal – Stop! Do not talk bad about the dead. Not today at least.

I want to remember the good stuff. His talent. His music.

That little piece of my childhood.



2 responses to “RIP Michael Jackson

  1. Yeah, that’s the thing with MJ, I almost closed comments for the post I did about him (I plan to do that next week) because I know people are going to start it up.

    Gotta separate the art from the artist.

  2. Exactly.

    I look forward to you post. Good idea, blocking comments. Maybe just moderate?

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