Convenient tp?

The NY Times’ Moment is talking about this new toilet paper sold in Japan.  No need to carry your reading material to the bathroom anymore.

<——– That is a real scary horror story written on there. About a goblin that lives in the bathroom. And is after – you.

The title of the story is “Drop.”

Not kidding…


6 responses to “Convenient tp?

  1. Talk about disposable art. Jeez.

  2. Lol.

    Supposedly the story will scare the shit out of you.

  3. Ah…toilet humor. My favorite!! But what would become of my Vanity Fair ritual if I actually bought this stuff??

    Do the Japanese just have a thing about toilets, or what? I mean, they’re the ones that invented the heated, vibrating seats, right? I even think they have one that levitates.

  4. Oh..forgot to mention that in your Possibly Related Links there was something called The Throne Room. Those things crack me up!!

  5. I stayed at this hotel in NYC once – in the winter – they had heated toilet seats, they were great.

    The throne room? LOL – I did not notice that.

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