Oygirl top ten…

Top ten excuses for neglecting the blog:

fb quiz10. Too much time taking stupid Facebook quizzes. I must stop this nonsense.

9. Cleaning 5 bathrooms because I am all out of police tape.

8. Running to D.C. for a weekend to see the Clapton/Winwood concert. Husband asked me to blog about this, I said it would be quick – “It didn’t suck.”

7. I have been taking this awesome Visual Writing class taught by Max.
If you are a screenwriter you must take this class.

6. I have this day job….

lambert5. Total fascination with this Adam Lambert thing, sigh.

4. An anniversary and a birthday in the same week.

3. Planning for a stealth recliner delivery for my father for father’s day. I told the sales guy that this could go all wrong. It goes down tomorrow…

2. Running to the Berkshires for a Bat Mitzvah weekend extravaganza followed by a few days in New England with no internet access for almost all that time.

1. Rewriting and polishing the script for these screenplay contests I entered. Running to post offices and UPS. I feel really good about this script now.

Sorry, Oygirl readers [if you are out there anymore?]

I will be better. Promise.


8 responses to “Oygirl top ten…

  1. Great list. Love the Facebook quizzes. LOL

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  3. Those quizzes will be the death of me.

    Me, I am loving the pic of Adam kissing a guy.

  4. I just took Which Bruce Capbell Character are You? Had to do it. Ash! Yay!

  5. Stop taunting me…

    I took it and I don’t even know who the hell he is.

  6. Oh. My. God. Bruce Campbell! Ash from Army of Darkness. Also starred in Brisco County Jr., currently co-stars in Burn Notice, starred in cult classic Bubba Hotep — ahhhh!

  7. I thought that was two girls kissing in the photo.

    Glad you are blogging again. I find people visit less in the summer since they are busy with outdoor things.

  8. Two girls, lol.

    Yeah, I have to remind myself now, I am real busy (see above!) and lose track of time between posts.

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