Last evening, out on the screen porch —

I see something on the grass in the backyard – it is a bunny rabbit, and she is cleaning herself like a cat would.

Right near her, a tiny fur ball hops.

A baby bunny.

2 baby bunnies!



6 responses to “Aw…

  1. Yay!

    [happy birthday]

  2. Thanks!

    I want to give them bunny-names…

  3. I vote for White Board and Loofa.

  4. Oh no, no Loofa bunny!

  5. Baby bunnies are the cutest baby animals of all.

    What color were they?

  6. They were grayish-brown. Taupe?

    Sadly there may be tragic news. There has been a big black snake in the yard, as well as several hawks, and I have not seen the bunnies again. Their nest was in my yard.

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