Boy(?) fight!

Oh wow, this is interesting.

Clay Aiken goes after Adam Lambert on his blog? 

Something like – “He made my ears bleed.”  He was referring to Adam’s version of “Ring of Fire” – which I found superb.

Clay takes it (grudgingly) back with a half-apology, after a hue and cry from Adam fans.

Adam comes back at Clay (when asked) – something like – “At least he’s getting some press now. He can ride my coattails.” – Adam, you are good. LOL!

Come on Clay, I love ya, but – I love Adam too.

There is room for the both of you, ya know? You guys have so much in common… great voices, you both got robbed and should have won, you are both, you know – gay?

Stop it Clay. Or you lose me. [Not that you care… but you should.]



6 responses to “Boy(?) fight!

  1. Well from a press perspective, they could both get a whole lot of press from a big ongoing fight. It would be really smart to keep it up.

  2. It seems to be working big time – it is all over the news.

  3. I had no idea there was a way Clay could lose you. No idea.

  4. Hmmm…could this be plain ‘ole jealousy or maybe some sexual tension?

  5. Whatever it is, it is hot…

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