This freakin’ foot

Five months ago, on Christmas day to be exact,  I stubbed my pinkie toe.

I stood all day in the kitchen. Entertaining.

Then I went to NYC and pounded the pavement.

All the while, with my foot killing me. Not just the toe, the whole damn foot hurt.

Since then, I have had –

– 2 xrays (they showed nothing)

– 4 weeks of physical therapy

– still pain, but now localized on the side of the foot, in the middle

– an MRI that showed – nothing [found out later, the MRI was taken only of the front of the foot, grrr…]

– 3 diagnoses by 3 different doctors of – plantar fasciitis, an inflamed tendon, and a soft tissue injury [all calling for different exercises –  all of which I have none and none of which have helped]

Then the pain started to subside.

And started again.

So I went back to the doctor, and he ordered a bone scan.

Last Thursday I am lying on the table getting the bone scan, and am left alone in this room.

I am bored, I look at the pc that is showing pictures of my foot – and see the big white circle exactly where my pain has localized.

I freak.

I ask the tech – what is that on my foot?

She says I need to wait for the report.

Of course I look this up online – it is called a hotspot – and it could be – a healing stress fracture, or a bone tumor.

And of course I focus on “bone tumor!?”

So I freaked out all weekend. Until I picked up the report yesterday.

“Likely a healing stress fracture of the cuboid bone.”

I am not sure if I should be relieved – or mad. 

I have been walking around with a stress fracture for five fucking months.


4 responses to “This freakin’ foot

  1. What is really appalling is every other doctor missed it. Those doctors are all fired.

  2. Damn straight.

    What really pisses me off is that the MRI tech only looked at the front half of the foot. That is crazy and a total waste.

  3. That is a whole lotta’ fucked up – but hopefully with a correct diagnosis things should be heading in a better direction now????

    I hope so….

  4. Funny – I picked up the films for the doc to look at, and he says – they are the wrong films.

    The hospital gave me the wrong films? Jeeez.

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