The maxi dress

Last week I posted, hankering for a maxi dress. Wondering if I should get one for this bat-mitzvah next weekend.

I got one. Whether I wear it there is another thing, as it is sleeveless. But I did get a short little black cardigan that ties in the front, just in case. I am so smart…

Here’s the dress. I looked all over online, and could not find this dress, so I had to take a picture. The top is like a tube-top – remember those? 

maxi 2


6 responses to “The maxi dress

  1. Nice pattern.

  2. Thanks.

    The dress kind of looks like a sack on the hanger (I first thought it was a skirt!). It looks much better on.

  3. I love the pattern.

    It’s time for me to go shopping.

  4. Yes – go get one.

  5. I think hanging it on a hanger and taking a picture was a copout and I will reserve judgement until you put that pretty dress on your fine self and get husband to take a picture (wink).

    (Any pictures he takes if he decides to rip it off of you I do not want to see but do have fun.)

  6. I will get a pic when I wear it. It is still all pristine on the hanger.

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