27 dresses

So, I have to go to a bat-mitzvah in a couple of weeks, which means – I need to wear a casual-chic dress. It is an afternoon reception.

Today, I will try on all of the dresses in my closet, and will most likely declare none fit for the occasion. [Hey, it is an excuse to buy a new dress.]

Anyway, I have seen lots of maxi dresses on the streets of NYC [well, in pictures of women strolling the streets of NYC.]

Maxi dresses are back?


What do you think, should I get a maxi dress?


7 responses to “27 dresses

  1. Most of those are halters or strapless is that appropriate for a bat-mitzvah?

  2. I really love that one second row third from left.

  3. I love that one too Kitty. I also like the one on the top row, third from left.

    But, alas, Max is right, these are probably not appropriate to wear in a synagogue, unless they had sleeves or I wore a cardigan with it.

    I actually found a couple of outfits that will work in my closet. Drat.

  4. Yeah, bare shoulders in church really only works if you are the bride. But you should still get yourself one it would be nice for weekend trips into the city.

  5. I should. Maybe two…

  6. I bought one yesterday, and a short cardigan that ties in the front.

  7. Cool. Post photos of the dress.

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