Scriptus Interuptis

A nice quiet final script-read session on the screen porch. Some Sambucca and a pack of smokes.

Was interupted by a scurrying thing. That caught my eye.

Gah! It was a mouse!

I shrieked like a maniac.

The mouse stopped and looked at me like I am crazy.

And runs off down some hole in the back of the porch that I could not even fit a pinky finger through.

Breathe, Michele, breathe.


4 responses to “Scriptus Interuptis

  1. Squeakus Squeakus

  2. Lol.

    I saw a whole family scurry across yesterday during a hail storm – ack.

    We so need to find where those holes are and plug them in.

  3. That mouse was trying to outrun your snake in the basement and bat in the kitchen. Right?

  4. Bat in kitchen? Oh no no no.

    Snake on the screenporch though, and a whole family of mice in a nest under the step.

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