Oh Adam!

If Adam Lambert does not win American Idol it certainly will be a  “Mad World.”

[We have already been through that hell in season 2.]


4 responses to “Oh Adam!

  1. I actually saw part of this because my recorder went insane and recorded American Idol instead of my program — he sure can sing but he looks so odd.

  2. Yeah, I am not about his looks, it is his singing.

    BTW, AI ran 8 minutes over that night, so this performance ran into the next show’s slot – there were lot of angry DVR’ers that totally missed this.

  3. Michele, you Idolphile! I love him too and don’t see how he can’t win this.

    But….that girl with the hair the color of red velvet cake is pretty hot!!

  4. I think those 2 should be in the finals, and he should win. The rest have to go.

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