A little levity here…

This is just priceless to me.

Clay Aiken on Broadway. Spamalot. “You Won’t Succeed on Broadway… ”

I love, love, love it. It is hilarious.


8 responses to “A little levity here…

  1. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH for this video. Clay was just EXCELLENT in his first appearance on Broadway. Sir Robin was a perfect role for him. How wonderful to be able to re-live a part of it because of you. He is such a natural on that stage and a joy to watch. Thank You again.

  2. You’re welcome, Marissa.

    It sure brings a smile to my face to watch this.

  3. That was great!

  4. Yes, it is real fun to watch.

  5. Yes, hard to beat that!

  6. I never thought I’d hear Clay say “goyim.”

  7. Did you ever get to see Spamalot?

  8. Yes – last year. 4th row center. It was great.

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