Apparently so.

Everyone says these are back “in” for spring and summer 2009.

photo from New York magazine

photo from New York magazine

I am torn about this. They look good if you are fit enough, and actually some look quite loose but that could work against you and make you look like a house. But mostly – they are such a pain if you need to get to a bathroom quick. Hell, they are a hassle to take off fast for any reason…


8 responses to “Jumpsuits?

  1. They are totally problematic.

  2. I will never forget the time my mother and I and a few of my friends went to NYC on July 4 for the fireworks and it was mobbed with people – and my mother was wearing a white jumpsuit and got her period. And we could not easily get through all of those people and find a bathroom.

  3. Wow a white jump suit on fourth o’ july is truly living dangerously. The barbeque. The mustard. The grass stains. The soot. Your mom must be a super hero to try to pull that off.

  4. Perhaps if they had a usable fly.

  5. A fly would work – for a guy.

  6. Sorry Lola, the fly has not been invented that can save a white pants suit during a menstrual surprise in a crowd but nice try.

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