Not a boring week

Some weeks end the same way they start – a blur of nothing.

surprise I can not say that for this past week, it has been a week of the unexpected, like some cosmic force is here to shake everything up and see where things land.

Our geek friends from NY came to dinner and left us with wireless internet. This in a house that 2 months ago had still been on dial-up because we live in an area not deemed populous enough to warrant modern conveniences. Like cable.  Which brings me to –  

I lost American Idol, oh the horror!  Our local Fox station decided to convert to digital early, and since we do not get cable and only have a dish that cannot see the local channel satellite because of the trees, we have been using an antenna to get those and – ah – you know what happened. So we need to get a digital-to-analog converter and hope to god that works or I will be at my mother’s house every Tuesday night.

I sent out a bunch of screenplay queries on Tuesday afternoon [remember snail-mail?] and on Thursday afternoon I get this phone call from California – can you send us your script? Woo hoo! I got that baby out yesterday.

My father had surgery on his face a week ago because his prior skin cancer had come back – or maybe it is a new one in the same place – and it was apparently very large because he had to get back on the table 3 times. And they stitched him up from his  cheek to his hairline. And we found out yesterday after he saw the doctor to get the stitches removed that the kind he had was the least scary one – it was basil cell carcinoma. Whew, whew, whew.

A friend of mine from high school found me, and I found another old friend from years ago in NYC. I love it when that happens.

I endured a mediocre restaurant and a mediocre concert last night. Sometimes life has to go back to mediocre, if even for one night.

My husband woke up in such pain this morning that he called the dentist at home at 8:00 on a Saturday morning and we met him at his office for an emergency root canal and now he is on massive pain killers and soaking with hot salt water.

Some other friends that we have not seen in 2 years for no reason at all other then they now live an hour away from us called out of the blue and we are seeing them tomorrow. Noon. [If the husband is painless by then – the meds do not appear to be working.]

Like I said, not a boring week.


2 responses to “Not a boring week

  1. Wow, I am just catching up around here and though I did know about the script request (YEY!) I did not know about the rest… Geez — all your men are convalescing and I hope they are doing better and I will cross my fingers for you that American Idol will find you cozy in your jammies at your house very, very soon!

  2. Thanks Sulya. My father seems to be doing better. The husband’s tooth issue has not been too easy – it got infected and spread to his sinuses and to a tooth next to it and he is on antibiotics now. He goes back to the dentist today.

    But – we did get a digital-to-analog converter so we are good to go for American Idol.

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