Do not ever…

yell— send out a query email with a typo.

Especially if the typo is in the title of your script! ACK!

[Luckily only 3 of these went out.]

Oh, the idiocy.


3 responses to “Do not ever…

  1. Oh that is not as bad as scripts that show with the title mispelled on the title page. Those ones really make you wonder. I mean, if the mayhem begins on the title page, what is in store for you on the inside?

  2. You are being too hard on yourself.
    It just shows you’re human.

    Yay yay yay, you’re sending out queries! That is great, Michele. Wishing you the very best.

  3. Checking title page ————————->


    I am over it now (I think). I about freaked when I noticed it.

    Yeah Kitty – I sent out about 30 so far this week. It is scary. Now I am waiting to see if there are any bites.

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