Trashbag street art

There’s this guy in NYC that makes…

Oh, watch the video(s) –

A bear –

The Loch Ness monster –

The guy –

[Thanks Bob for telling me about this]


6 responses to “Trashbag street art

  1. OH. MY. GOD.

    What is NOT to love about New York City?


  2. Cool, huh? I really miss this kind of stuff.

    Funny how some of the jaded just walk by without stopping.

  3. this is amazing!

    The air bear looks more like a dog. Damn he’s good.

  4. I would have thought dog if I was not told bear, but it is still great.

  5. How awesome! I always wondered what those grates were for.

    I’m with The Kitten….looks more like a dog to me. If it’s a bear, he’s a very svelte bear.

  6. Those grates are for lifting women’s skirts up in the air.

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