The bacon explosion

Here’s a heart-stopping recipe that has taken off in a big way.

Bacon wrapped around pork sausage wrapped around more bacon, in one big roll. Cooked on a smoker, then coated with barbecue sauce.

bacon650_331Photo by Don Ipock for The New York Times

The recipe was created last December by Jason Day and Aaron Chronister, and is posted on their website It is also now in the New York Times.

Youtube had multiple videos of people trying to make this thing, with various degrees of success [search on bacon explosion for a laugh]. Some people are “making it their own” by adding cheese and other accoutrements.

The first one to make this, let me know. I do not have a smoker, sigh.



9 responses to “The bacon explosion

  1. Wouldn’t it be simpler just to pit barbeque the whole pig?

  2. Sure seems like it. Though the sight of that makes me queasy.

  3. Mark saw this and wanted to make it (unfortunately, we do have a smoker). I had to put my foot down. Its such a guy food, isn’t it.

  4. LOL – let me know how it is – I bet he makes it one day.

    Some of the guys I sent this to are ready to make it for the Superbowl. I think it has something to do with the smoker. One guy said he was torn between a Pavlov’s dog reaction and stomach cramps.

  5. You know I would eat that. Like right now.

  6. I did think of you.

    It kind of reminds me of a turducken.

  7. It looks delicious.

  8. Food taunter!!

    Nothing gets my juices flowing like a high-def picture of food prepared and staged for maximum salivatory effect!

  9. You should make this recipe.

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