Where’s our wine?

We Husband orders a lot of wine from Carolina Wine Company in Raleigh.

I mean, cases of the stuff, much of it futures, which means CWC cuts a deal with the maker of the wine, which is not ready yet, we purchase it, and when it comes in, we haul ourselves down there and pick it up.

All of this worked out okay – until now.


It appears Carolina Wine has gone awol.

First, there were like 5 email messages a day advertising wine – we used to get 1 or 2 a day.

Then there was an email that their phone system, web site, & point of sales system have gone out, they are working on fixing it, and will be back in a week.

It has been more than a week and now there are rumblings that they have gone missing.

The owner, Chrish Peel, is unreachable, the website is down, the store shut, and the restaurant he co-owns, Enoteca Vin, has suddenly closed. A friend of mine has tried to reach his home phone, there is no answer there either.

And we, like many others, have paid orders pending, which I doubt we will ever get. Not the wine, not the money back. And this is not chump change, this is lots of money.


[There are lots of others not happy with this – it is all the talk on Robert Parker’s site.]


6 responses to “Where’s our wine?

  1. Uh oh. That does not sound good, Michele. By law a phone can’t stay down more than about 10 minutes a year. Unless there is some massive storm or something.
    So that is a big whopper of a lie on the phone thing.

    A friend of mine is good friends with a wine dealer in NYC if you need a new wine connection.

  2. No, this is not good. At all. I am thinking of calling a lawyer friend to see what recourse there may be, or call the CC company where we charged it.

    Yeah, let me know who the NY wine dealer is. Thanks.

  3. If it was a charge, you should be able to file for a charge back. Which is much simpler than trying to sue someone going bankrupt.

  4. I agree – I think we should call the CC company first and see what happens there. Some of the charges are really old, that is my main concern. Like over a year.

  5. Yes. First you contact the company you placed the order through and see if they will resolve the issue. Generally they will. If they will not, you contact your charge card entity and file for a charge back. This should be fixable.

  6. I will have him [the husband] get on it today.

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