Happy year of the Ox 牛

The year of the ox is associated with hard work, prosperity, and new beginnings.

Also this is a good time for intellectual endeavors and it is an auspicious time for the arts.

All good things.

Cowherds Lullaby-Year of the Ox

Cowherd's Lullaby -Year of the Ox


6 responses to “Happy year of the Ox 牛

  1. Happy, happy, Michele.

    So which one are you? I was born in the year of the dragon. God I love that.

  2. You too, Kit.

    You know, I learned when I was working in China, that one needs to eat dumplings for good luck on Chinese new year…

    You are dragon? I am dog. Sigh.

  3. Gung Hey Fat Choy! (totally phonetic of course)

    (I am a Tiger…)

  4. Ni hao, tiger. (Hi tiger)

  5. Happy New Year – hopefully this one is better than last year!

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