You’ll see

I predict that this guy will win American Idol season 8.


His name is Scott MacIntyre and he is blind. And he can sing. And play the piano.

[They removed the original video I posted from youtube, so here is a new one]

Here’s the one they removed – in case it miraculously comes back…


5 responses to “You’ll see

  1. I predict you are right.

  2. They already yanked the video, dammit.

  3. Oh, crap. Thanks for letting me know, Kitty, I posted a new one instead.

    Otto, this one has that high-five, lol.

    When I prounouced him the winner the very first night, husband said – “oh, good, that means we don’t have to watch anymore, right?” Ha ha.

  4. Michele, this guy was really inspirational. Also, that guy whose wife just passed away was another tearjerker AND he had an awesome, soulful voice.

  5. I agree. Both will go far I think.

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