Last week I blogged in anticipation of seeing Clay Aiken at the Spamalot stage door and finally getting my Playbill signed. Oops.

Here’s what happened.

[warning – there may be a curse word (or 2) in here…]


13 responses to “Wait

  1. now I’ve seen EVERYTHING!

  2. Dear Oy Girl, that’s so sad. But even had you made it to the 2:00PM final performance for Clay you still wouldn;t have gotten your playbill signed. You wouldn’t have gotten near the stage door. Hell, you probably wouldn’t have gotten in the alley! LOL
    The closest he was able to get to the crowd outside was from the roof. A wave, smile and a thankyou!!

  3. Happy to amuse, Otto Mann.

    D101 – it’s okay, it was funny, really. Thanks for the link.

  4. Nooooooooooooooooo!

    Are you laughing or crying?

    Love that accent of yours.

  5. We laughed our asses off!

    Froze out there for an hour too.

  6. lol someone should have told ya there was only one performance that day, sorry you waited out there for a long time i hope you went somewhere else and had fun though

  7. I thought so. You took it very well.
    That sort of thing is always happening to me. When it does, I hear Blane saying the word “plan” and I hit “ignore.”

  8. It was pretty much my fault – I had neglected to research or plan this at all, as you can see…

    Still, it was funny.

  9. I should have gone the night before… oh well, lol.

  10. michele,

    So sorry you missed Clay. I was so lucky to have seen him in Spam. He was so terrific. Thought you might enjoy this:

  11. Thanks, Jess, that is a great video!

    We saw him in Spam in March, he was fantastic in it.

  12. Oh, man!

    Sorry guys. (Though happy we didn’t come along…..)
    : )

  13. I bet you are…

    [although you may have enjoyed the show…]

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