Three nights in NYC

Sunday night in NYC, we went to dinner with friends at Sip Sak, a Turkish restaurant, and then we went to the Spamalot stage door to get my Playbill signed by Clay Aiken[oops.] It was not what we expected. I will be posting about that soon – Oops 2. [There may be video, if I can get it working.]

Monday night, we went to the 2nd Ave. Deli [best pastrami in town], and then to Jim Caruso’s Cast Party at Birdland. Monday nights are open mike night, where a mix of accomplished Broadway stars and new people wanting exposure get up and entertain. You go there, you never know who will show up. The atmosphere is straight out of the old movies, a nightclub with small tables around the stage, with drinks/food service.

Paul Shaeffer, from the David Letterman show, was there and played piano impromptu, to accompany this really good guy singer from England who sang “The Birth of the Blues.” [I have video of that too, see note above.]

So was Miss New York, who will be competing in the Miss America pageant in a few weeks and was there to practice her performance for the talent portion of the competition. She was pretty good.

Also, this guy who was a writer on Seinfeld and Cheers got up and “sang” a funny song he wrote.

Tuesday night we went to the Met to see La Boheme. It was beautiful, and the scenery was fantastic. We had dinner reservations there too, but cancelled them because we were late getting out of the doctor’s office, and it was supposed to snow and ice that night, so we decided to cancel and not wear our “fine” clothes and my new shoes in a slushy mess while waiting for cabs that are hard to get in slushy messes.


2 responses to “Three nights in NYC

  1. Girl, when are you going to tell us the Clay story?

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