The sister’s back in the game


A couple of months ago I was visiting my sister. It was way early in the morning and she was on her laptop at the dining room table when I asked If I could use the pc when she was done, and walked over behind her and saw “” on the screen. “What?!” [me] and “shriek – I didn’t want you to see it!” – [her.]

Once over that hurdle, everything came out.

This is why she is coloring her hair and wearing makeup for the first time since – ever. She is back in the game, 6 years after her husband passed away. It has taken her 6 years.

She told me about the “winks” – you wink at the guys you are interested in. So I ask, how many guys did you wink at? Her answer? 54.

Now, she has met a guy she likes and I am trying to be supportive. But, you never know – who is this guy? They have talked on the phone for months, she has had 3 dates with him, and they have exchanged Christmas presents. We may meet him this weekend, we are going to NYC.


4 responses to “The sister’s back in the game

  1. Busted!
    That’s great for your sister. Hope she finds a good one that you’ll approve of.

  2. The funny thing is – she told my husband about it first and told him not to tell anyone.

    So he didn’t – not even me. I gave him hell for that, lol.

  3. I say “Godspeed brave sister!!” One can find love in the most unlikely of places, right?? Funny how on-line dating is so mainstream, yet it is still hard to admit if you’re doing it.

  4. It is on – we are meeting the guy on Sunday.

    Should be interesting.

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