Paris “portrait”

My first trip to Paris was with my mother and a couple of her friends. 4 single women in Paris for a week, we hit the tourist spots and museums and shops by day, and hit the clubs at night.

I was reminded of this by Kitty, who posted a beautiful photo of Spanky getting her portrait done in Montmartre.

My mother and I had ours done there together, and it has been sitting in the closet all these years. I found it.


My mother looked at it right after it was done and pouted. “I look so old….”

She meant, “so old next to you.”

So she went back and had hers done again – by herself. I have no idea where that one is.


2 responses to “Paris “portrait”

  1. Michele that is a stunning portrait. the artist captured your eyes just as I remember them. Funny how a camera just can’t get what we see, but a portraitist can.
    You should frame this an hang it up.
    Your mom looks beautiful in there, too.

  2. Thanks, Kitty. I had forgotten all about that portrait.

    I have never photographed very well.

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