Cell phone pop

I sometimes wonder if all of this wireless technology and all of this cell phone usage can cause health issues later. What kind of energy or radiation is lurking next to the head, you know?

Maybe I am not that crazy to wonder about these things.

If a cell phone can pop popcorn…

And now – the myth debunked –


4 responses to “Cell phone pop

  1. The thing was a farce. It was a commercial made up for a phone headset company.

    I blogged about it a few months ago at http://theryancokeexperience.wordpress.com/2008/07/05/popcorn/?referer=sphere_related_content/

    There’s a link there to a snopes article that talks about whether it’s possible to pop popcorn using a cell phone (it’s not). The old theory used to be you could cook an egg with a cell phone, but that’s false too.

  2. I was hoping it was a farce. It is funny nonetheless.

    There was one youtube video where they put a raw steak in-between the cell phones.

  3. That is a horrible advertising campaign.
    I do worry about putting the phone near my noggin. I use a headset if I’m going to be on it long enough to make it heat up.
    Can you see it, twenty years from now people walking around like sponge brained zombies? LOL.

  4. I have thought about that too – what happens with years of cell phone usage.

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