Woman of the year

We are watching “Woman of the Year” at my mother’s house.

Katherine Hepburn. Spencer Tracy.

And there is a long scene with no dialogue. A very funny scene in the kitchen that speaks volumes.

And after a minute or so, my mother says –

“There’s not much script in here it’s all silent.”

I say “what did you say?” A little testily, I may add.

Husband laughs.

I ask her – “what do you think is going on there – ad libbing?”

[In defense of being too mean to the mother, I had just today painstakingly written a whole page of script with just one line of dialogue. Sigh.]


4 responses to “Woman of the year

  1. LOL. Funny you mention that, I’m writing a short with a lot of description and not much dialogue.

    Dialogue comes much easier to me than description. It fills up pages faster, too.

  2. Dialogue is easier for me too. But a page of great solid description that tells the story is like gold to me.

  3. Mom probably thinks script equals dialogue. It is not her fault. She is a civilian.

  4. That is it exactly. I was a little ornery that day and I don’t think she has ever seen a script.

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